BDC #2 – Gaiziņkalns VIDEO

This time we’re heading to one of Latvia’s most beautiful places, Gaiziņkalns National Park. 🌳 It’s also where you’ll discover the highest point in Latvia.

This time, our & event saw a remarkable turnout of participants – a record-high 111 from four different countries, who battled it out on three specially made tracks. 🚵Adding an unexpected twist, the weather decided to join in too, soaking the third run. 🌧🎢 This led to unexpected crashes, keeping everyone in suspense right up to the finish line.

And it wasn’t just the race riders who had a blast. The spectators, armed with all sorts of noise-making gadgets, lined the race tracks, injecting their energy. ⚡️ They also joined in the classic “run for beer” challenge and gave the slip’n’slide a try.

A special mention goes to the young riders – they turned up in impressive numbers and showcased incredible speed, even faster than other more experienced riders. 🚀 As tracks were made for everyone, with all hard elements able to ride around, hobby and master class beginner riders could have their own challenges down the hill.

Overall, it was a fun day for everyone. 😌We really hope that this could be a good tradition to meet up, ride bikes, and enjoy the nice hospitality of Gaiziņkalns.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again next year! 👋🤩🤘

Shoutout to our sponsors and partners – couldn’t have done it without you!


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